Ordination Paper Discussion

The Shepherding Committee of Beth, Carl, and Sara has been meeting with Shannon Gomez as she progresses toward ordination. We are happy to share that we are nearly through the candidacy process! Shannon's final requirement for FCCV is to share her Ordination Paper with the elders for discussion and pondering. This is the paper required by the Regional Church's Training and Care Committee that will be a major part of Shannon's official Ordination Interview this fall. We are lucky to get a preview of Shannon's work and a chance to discuss it with her in an informal Q&A session. We will meet after worship on August 18 in the Fellowship Hall. In advance of this date, a copy of Shannon's paper will be distributed by email to the elders and any others who plan to attend in person. After reading on our own time, everyone will have an opportunity to submit some questions by email for discussion.

When we meet on the 18th, we'll eat our brown bag lunches and hear Shannon respond to our inquiries. We will get to listen and discuss! This will be a great opportunity for all of us to grow in understanding together and support our Ministry candidate. Don't forget to bring your curiosity and thoughtful reflections!