CROP Hunger Walk Update

Well the walk has come and gone.  We saw the fruits of our labor that day as around 55 people came out and walked in pretty good weather.  We of the committee would like to thank each of you.  We are still collecting, but as of today we have received $3493.00 in checks and cash and $2850.00 in online giving.  This surpasses last year's giving!  This also includes the fund raising efforts from Rubio's, but we have not yet received the donations from the other three restaurants from their fundraisers, so those totals will keep going up.

Before this year's walk, we received this note from Amber Blake, the Community Engagement Specialist, West Region for Church World Service;

“Just to put what you are doing in perspective: Since 1997, Vallejo has raised over $46,400.00 to fight hunger.  That amount of money translates into some powerful responses to hunger and poverty – for example it could provide over 1.5 million micronutrient packets for malnourished children; over a quarter of a million tree seedlings to help capture water and create oases; close to 130,000 Ready-to-Eat meals for refugees living in  camps; or clean water pumps and maintenance training for 46 communities!  For the four Vallejo organizations you support, funds from the CROP Hunger Walk make a significant difference in the fight against hunger at the local level.

Thank you for the amazing impact you and your community have had on the lives of folks needing a hand up and best wishes for an outstanding CROP Hunger Walk event this weekend. I know you’ve worked hard on it! I’m blessed to have you as a resilient partner in the area.

Peace to you!”

(Disciples of Christ) Identity Class and Conversation

After our recent class on the history of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) movement that ultimately turned into a denomination, there was still much to discuss about The Disciples.  While we do have links on the left to learn more about our denomination, we feel that there are many questions that people in our congregation who are new to The Disciples have.  What do Disciples believe?  What do far-flung Disciple congregation have in common?  What holds us together and connects us as a Church?  We will now be following up on our Disciples History class with a class and conversation on Disciples Identity.  You won't want to miss it!  We will meet for three Sundays after worship: May 17, 24, and 31.  It promises to be interesting,