Holy Week complete

Lenten InstallationEaster Transformation
The barbed wire "crown of thorns" and accompanying darkness that marked our journey through Lent have been replaced by light and a transformed crown of barbed wire and flowers.

Our Lenten journey is at an end, now that we have completed Holy Week with the joyous culmination of Easter morning. As the days of Lent passed, our sanctuary grew ever darker; but with Easter, the bright light of new life has returned to our church. See the transformation in the images above.

Still unclear on what all this was about? Then you might want to check out a Holy Week Primer for some useful information.

Fun fundraiser for camp

Our kids served lunch on March 13 after church as a fundraiser for camp. Tacos, root beer floats, and games - it was great food and good fun!

FCC recycles, "freecycles"

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