When Will We Be Back In Church?

That’s something probably all of you have wondered over the last few weeks. We get mixed messages: Sacramento says churches can meet in person (with restrictions), local health departments add criteria, the reopening of workplaces and shops has begun and the number of Covid-19 cases is rising. In the face of all the uncertainty, the Administrative Council voted to keep the church building closed through August to all building users. That doesn’t necessarily mean that in-person worship will resume in September; Admin will be reviewing the risks and benefits of reopening at their August meeting. Some churches have already resumed in-person worship; we hope to learn from them what a successful reopening will look like and what steps we need to take to keep everyone in our congregation safe. In the meantime, we are taking this opportunity to replace the well-worn carpet in the Sanctuary, parlor and stairs. When we get back together, it will be in a (finally!) completely refurbished Sanctuary.

Just because we won’t be in the building doesn’t mean we can’t meet, however. The Elders are planning a gathering in the courtyard. While it may not be a full-blown worship service, it will be an opportunity to connect, to pray together, to feed our spirits with much-needed community. Stay tuned for more information. Until then, see you on Zoom.