Lent . . . let the waiting begin

The first Sunday of Lent begins a period of waiting.  We are waiting for Easter.  During Lent, we learn how to wait.  We learn what waiting means.  No matter what our disappointments or struggles in life, through them all we are waiting for God.  Waiting, and preparing our hearts while waiting, is what Lent is all about.  We all experience our Lenten moments at various times in our spiritual journey.
Spiritually, Lent is a journey we all take from time to time.  Waiting.  Eating manna in the wilderness while dreaming of eating the fruits of the Promised Land, and celebrating in that anticipation, even when everything in our world is discouraging.  The children of Israel had to wander about the wilderness until they overcame their insecurities and developed expectant hope.  

Our celebration of Lent will be about patience, confident patience, waiting with patience, knowing that no matter what our struggles, God promises better days.