A Thanksgiving Shout Out

Our annual Thanksgiving luncheon may have looked a little different this year, but it was still filled with laughter, fun, and gratitude. We had 2 showers running, 2 vans transporting, 3 scissors cutting, 2 pews full of clothes and shoes, and 3 tables full of delicious food. We estimate 50 people, including 12 FCCV members, 3 hairstylists, 11 outside volunteers, and of course our guests, young and old, from the community who took showers, got new hairdos, and ate a wonderful lunch!

Going into the lunch, I must admit my own biases. I assumed that our neighbors would be downtrodden and lonely. Many of the people who came, came with their chosen families who they live with everyday. They were able to sit at a fancy decorated table and feast with those they love. They were all so grateful to us and full of love for each other, it was really heart warming to witness. One man was so tickled that he was allowed to eat more than one slice of pie, that he had one of each and then seconds of all of it! 

So I wanted to give a big thanks to everyone from FCCV who came and helped, who cooked, who cleaned, who dined, and who served. Special thanks to:

-Rev. Renae Earl, Jeffrey Ishmael, and Kelly Ghilarducci who diligently cut hair all day.
-Zack and Sage, Jeffrey’s kids, who spent their Saturday with us helping in any way they could.
-Buttercup Kitchen who donated 4 pies to the event!
-Vallejo Peace Project who donated tons of shoes, clothing, and toiletries.
-Lighthouse Covenant Fellowship in Benicia for bringing and managing the mobile showers.
-Vallejo Together volunteers who maintained the showers throughout the day, and transported people back and forth from the encampments.

After all is said and done, I am really grateful for this church and our mission work. We really are living the word we preach. Thank you to you all!

-Allison Mezzera, Mission Action Coordinator