So, What is this Thing called labyrinth?

We have been talking a lot about walking a labyrinth. What exactly is a labyrinth? Why are we learning about labyrinths? Labyrinth is a walking meditation, a path of prayer and a meeting of psyche and spirit. Unlike a maze, there are no tricks and no dead ends. The labyrinth has only one path that leads from the outer edge in a circuitous way to the center and returns to the starting point. Walking the labyrinth quiets the mind, opens the heart, and grounds the body. Labyrinths are currently being used world-wide as a way to recover a balance in life, and to encourage meditation, insight, self-reflection, and stress-reduction. While there are many patterns of labyrinth dating from ancient times, the design embraced by Pastor Christy during her time of sabbatical is the 800 year-old Eleven-circuit Medieval Labyrinth from Chartres Cathedral in France. Christy participated in Labyrinth Facilitator Training at Chartres from June 27-July 4 of this year. An element of the sabbatical period was for our congregation to learn about labyrinths and participate in a labyrinth walk.  

On Sunday, August 14, a special service of worship will include an introduction to the labyrinth as a tool for meditation and renewal, and an opportunity to experience the labyrinth first-hand. For our congregants who worship via Zoom there will be a finger-tracing labyrinth option. Brighid FitzGibbon is a trained facilitator in walking the Chartres model labyrinth. She is affiliated with Veriditas Center in Petaluma. Brighid will join us in worship to present a program about labyrinth and guide us with a walk using a portable labyrinth set up in the Fellowship Hall. Experiencing the path of labyrinth will enhance our understanding of Christy's sabbatical experience and provide us a useful tool for meditation and renewal. Please join our worship service and plan to stay to walk the labyrinth, if you are able. For more information you can visit There you can find information about the history of labyrinths, online Finger Labyrinth Walks, and can purchase or download a copy of the finger labyrinth (for a direct link to the finger labyrinth, click here.