Labyrinth Sunday

We recently had a special worship service which we nicknamed Labyrinth Sunday. Through the power and presence of God and of our team of tech wizards, worshipers in the Sanctuary and on Zoom learned about the history and meaning of the labyrinth. Our speaker/facilitator was Brighid FitzGibbon, an experienced labyrinth guide from Veriditas in Petaluma. Brighid guided us in a finger labyrinth exercise during worship. Following that, 17 worshipers adjourned to the Fellowship Hall for a walking labyrinth experience (see photos). Brighid brought a 24 ft canvas labyrinth for the church. Following an explanation of the structure and meaning of the center rose “petals” and a brief introduction to labyrinth etiquette, several of us made the shoe-less journey to the center and back out. Larisa played the piano as we walked. Others used the wooden finger labyrinth tools. It was a very meaningful experience!

Part of Pastor Christy Newton’s sabbatical intention was to take labyrinth facilitator training in Chartres, France, which she has completed. This Labyrinth Sunday experience was our way of sharing the spirit of Christy’s commitment for spiritual renewal and her desire that we as a congregation participate in that intention. Hopefully, we will have future opportunities to introduce the labyrinth as a spiritual tool to more people in our congregation and our community.   

For more information on the labyrinth, online guided finger labyrinth sessions, and other resources visit