Bakeoff Report

The Great Common Ground Bake Off Dessert Auction is complete! The planning committee would like thank everyone who baked, donated, ate, cleaned, and played bingo! All of your help has paid off and we raised over $1700!

This money will go into the general fund which will help pay the salaries, teaching, training and insight of our organizers and for our membership in IAF. Common Ground is owned and run by us, its members. We are the leaders and the ones who decide on the issues we want to work on. We need to sustain our power-building activities so we can expand on what we have already achieved and to continue our work in the future. 

There is always time to donate more! Perhaps you were out bid on a dessert? Well, you can still donate that amount to the fund. Or maybe you just want to make a personal commitment to our work. Please go to to make a contribution!

If we want to continue this work, we must keep building our community power. We have all the momentum right now so let's keep it up!

So what's next?

On December 9, from 6 to 8 pm at the HUB in Vallejo, we will have our last Leaders Meeting of 2021, where we will concentrate on planning the January delegates assembly. We will also have a nice send off party for Lizzy Gore, who has been our Organizer for the last 3 years, as she heads to continue her work in San Antonio, TX.

Thank you all again!