New Education Class Coming

You are invited to join us for an interesting exchange of ideas, thoughts, questions, feelings and knowledge as we explore the Bible, including scriptures, stories, myths, and miracles. We will be meeting hybrid style, both in church and on Zoom from 9:30 am to 10:15 am Sunday mornings, starting September 5. Those who wish to meet at church will meet in the Fellowship Hall; those who prefer to meet on Zoom will use the same Zoom link used for worship.

We are going to begin our study with scripture. Each week 3 people will be asked to bring to our study a scripture — a favorite, one that is troublesome, one that is difficult to understand or one that is challenging in some other way. It may be a scripture you think would be interesting to explore. There will be no time limit; we may get thru only one scripture in a week, or we may get through 2 or 3. But we will plan to have 2 or preferably 3 people prepared each week with a scripture.

Through our discussions and sharing of scriptures, we will hopefully gain new knowledge and insight which will help us to understand not only scripture but also ourselves more fully.  When we have exhausted the scriptures we wish to discuss, we will move on to other stories in the Bible. We are excited to get started and look forward to  hearing and seeing scripture through you.