Sustainable Solano Update

On April 21 a group of us met with representatives from Sustainable Solano to continue talks for the refurbishment of the Johnson Garden. We spoke of some changes to make in the garden in order to have more food growth, and to bring in pollinators to help the environment. This includes a new irrigation drip system, planting 2-3 more fruit trees, and vine growing fruit & veggies that can fill the fence line. The next steps will include a design made by the professional landscaper on the SS staff. Once we have approved the design he will get to work.

Part of this project originally had our congregation and the community volunteering to install the new plants. Unfortunately during this time of crisis, that is no longer an option. So the SS landscaper will be performing the work. Down the line, maybe in a few months, there will be opportunities for us to help and to get the community involved as well. For now, we will try to document all of the happenings as best as we can in order to keep our community involved.

We will keep you posted as we get more information!