Sustainable Solano

After worship recently, we had two people from Sustainable Solano present some ideas in the next steps of our partnership. Some of the topics covered included: Solano Gardens project, Permiculture, urban landscaping, using our site for educational workshops, planting drought resistant trees/plants, renewal/maintenance of our existing garden, and the possibility of new landscaping in the large grass areas in front of the Fellowship Hall.

All of us in attendance are very excited about working alongside them to make this happen.
So what is next?

Solano Gardens is a county funded agency that is a section of Sustainable Solano. Our partnership with them could include: more food production, using roof water & swales for irrigation, they can provide seeds, trees, plants & volunteers for installation, research, advice, and consultation. We make the design with their assistance, then they help us make it happen. And get this… It is free!! What a deal!

A collaboration contract has been drawn up and will be considered by the Admin Council. If approved, this project could begin in the design process as early as April. Should the Admin Council approve the contract, a committee should be formed to work directly with Sustainable Solano. If you are interested in this, please let Allison Mezzera know!