Anti-Racism Training

On Saturday, November 2, our church will be hosting the Regional Anti-Racism Training, from 8:00-4:00. During this Anti-Racism Training, part 1b, we will review the materials from 1a including definitions of racism. We will also work to understand the powers of racism, how they show up in the church and everyday life, and how we can collude with the systems that keep these powers in place.

We will explore how racism’s power has shaped us into being.  Dismantling racism frees us all into being what God intends God’s creation to be — free.

It is important as part of our faith journeys to become more anti-racist and pro-reconciling. All DOC clergy, lay people, and people of other denominations and faith traditions are invited and encouraged to attend. No prior training is required. Registration information can be found on the Regional website at . The cost is $45 and includes a light breakfast and lunch. If you are willing to help with setting up and serving lunch, the registration fee will be waived. Let’s have FCCV show up in force!