50 Years of Walking. 50 years of Ending Hunger Together.

You know what hunger looks like. You’ve seen it in on local news stations and in the faces of kids around the world. It is long-lasting, and it is everywhere.

For 50 years, average Americans have come together to fight hunger in exceptional ways through the CROP Hunger Walk. These aren’t politicians or celebrities – they’re passionate (and compassionate!) farmers, students, members of the faith community, volunteers and more who care that the people they see on a daily basis are struggling. And for five decades, they have moved to make a difference.

The story of the CROP Hunger Walk goes back to 1969. Teens in Bismarck, North Dakota and York County, Pennsylvania decided it was time to do something for families who had to walk miles for food and clean water. So they walked…and, because they took that first step, hunger has forever been changed.

Today, millions of people across nearly every state have participated in what is now called the CROP Hunger Walk. Our walks of life may look different, but we move forward with the same vision: a world where every child has enough healthy food to survive each day.

First Christian Church is one of the sponsoring organizations for the Vallejo CROP Hunger Walk. Our walk this year is on May 4th (May the fourth be with you!). This is the 12th year we have come together to raise funds for agencies in Vallejo and surrounding areas. With Church World Service's help, we gather funds many different ways. One way is by going on line at www.crophungerwalk.org/vallejoca and donate or form a team. Another is to come down to the waterfront on May 4th starting at 9:00 and walk the 3k trek with us. With each dollar raised, hunger will be a little less.