Independence Day Parade

This year, our congregation was invited to participate in the Vallejo Independence Day Parade as part of a very large gathering of members and supporters of the local LGBT community.  Seven local organizations were represented including The Vallejo Gay Network, Solano Pride and The Solano AIDS Coalition.  Each group had its own float, decorated with balloons representing the colors of the rainbow flag.  Several of our members walked as part of the LGBT Interfaith Alliance along with members of other Vallejo Open & Affirming congregations.  Two of our members (pictured bellow) carried an interfaith flag representing our commitment to working with those of other faiths to fight for important social justice causes.  The purpose of this event was to show that we are unified in fighting the hatred and bigotry that lead to tragedies like the recent mass shooting in Orlando.

The following is a statement from the organizers of the event: "We’re going to be showing all colors of the rainbow with seven installments representing groups within Solano County and Vallejo.  From political to social to health and services we want to show how we’re part of the fabric of Vallejo and Solano County life."

It was a great event.  The weather was perfect.  We had a chance to meet new people and visit with old friends from some of the other groups involved.  And most importantly, we got to show that when it comes to our commitment to being an Open & Affirming congregation and a congregation that fights for social justice, we do not just talk the talk, but we also walk the walk.