Our Stewardship effort offers us a chance to reflect.

As part of our Fall Stewardship effort, members of the church have been asked to share reflections about what the church means to them each week in October and November.  For the first in this series of Stewardship Moments, John Grose shared the following poem, taking the congregation on a journey while we took a deep breath and reflected on why we are here:

Breath in – It’s Free, but it comes with a cost.
Freedom is free, but it comes with a cost.
Love should be freely given, but it comes with a cost.
This church is free, but it comes with a cost too.
We may come or go as we please, perhaps never to return – we are free to do so.
The church and all she stands for is here due to the Grace of God and the stewardship of her people.
She stands here as a beacon of Freedom.
She has stood in the community as a voice against war and violence.
She has stood as a champion for LGBT human rights.
As a voice for all creatures great and small.
As a voice for the hungry and homeless.
As a voice of reconciliation between the human races.
As a voice for the cure for cancer.
As a voice for interfaith dialogue.
We stand here in your Church Lord, as witnesses of the Risen Christ.
Here stands your Church Lord doing your will.
We are your people, stewards of this church and your creation.
We are called into your service – to keep your movement going forward!  In Jesus' name!
For all this Grace in Christ – Freedom comes with a cost.