Annual Gathering a chance to "Tell it!"

The 158th Annual Gathering of the California-Nevada Region of the Christian Church was held April 20-22 at the Sofitel Hotel in Redwood City. Several of our members attended and enjoyed a great experience. Our own Carl Cordes led the youth activities and delivered an excellent message at the assembly.

The theme of the Annual Gathering was “Tell It!” - centering on evangelism and its meaning for Progressive Christianity. The inclusiveness and cultural diversity was outstanding, as two Global Mission Partners from the Congo joined us.

The year 2012 is the “Year of Evangelism” in our Region. We will have several Region-wide events exploring what this means, including “Doable Evangelism” workshops in May and June. At the Gathering, we launched the “1000+ People Praying” campaign, inviting participants to sign up to pray daily. What an exciting opportunity for us to now be a part of!
Carl, Jeanne, John, Beth, Helen, and Ron at the Annual Gathering (left); Our Global Mission partners from the Congo, George and Gertrude Ngohas (right).